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UNITED GILSONITE LAB Item #: 35570498 -

    Just like natural and man-made stone, concrete, stucco and masonry are porous materials that will start to break down, dust, pit, crack, and/or stain when subjected to weather, water, oil, and UV rays. The only way to prevent damage and deterioration is to protect your surfaces with a good quality sealer. Specially formulated DRYLOK Natural Look Sealer soaks right in and provides matte protection that looks beautiful and natural. Use on interior and exterior masonry surfaces, including...

    Availability: In Stock
    ANVIL COATINGS, INC. Item #: 35571603 -

      100% Acrylic Clear Multi-Surface Water Sealer that protects wood, brick and concrete and allows wood to weather naturally. Prevents water infiltration, beads and waterproofs for use on decks, fences, brick patios, concrete walkways, masonry, CMU's, flagstone, stucco and other interior/exterior surfaces.The product is milky-white when applied to ensure complete coverage, but dries to a clear transparent moisture barrier. The dried Water-Guard is resistant to mildew for it contains agents which...

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